MetaOptics: opensource software for designing metasurface optical element GDSII layouts

Metasurfaces have recently emerged as a promising technology to realize flat and ultra-thin optical elements that can manipulate light at sub-wavelength scale. The typical design flow of a metasurface involves tedious Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) simulations followed by creation of a GDSII layout of the metasurface phase profile, the latter being essential for fabrication purposes. Both these steps can be time-consuming and involve the usage of expensive software. To make the design process more straightforward, we have developed an open-source software called MetaOptics built using Python for designing a generic metasurface optical element. MetaOptics uses the FDTD simulated phase response data of a set of meta-atoms and converts the phase profile of any given optical element into a metasurface GDSII layout. MetaOptics comes with in-built FDTD data for most commonly used wavelengths in the visible and infrared spectrum. It also has an option to upload user-specific dimension versus transmission phase data for any choice of wavelength. In this work we describe the software’s framework and provide details to guide users to design a metasurface layout using MetaOptics.

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